Friday, September 3, 2010

Follow Friday!

It's Friday!!!!  And this is a long weekend!  Yeah!  And it's my birthday on Saturday too so we shall have to see what Mr. Magnolia has in store (if he actually remembers that it is my birthday that is!)  I love my dear husband but alas, he does not always remember significant dates without a little nudging from myself.  So I just might have to give him a little hint later today!  :)

Once again it's Follow Friday 40 and Over at Java's wonderful blog Never Growing Old, where Java always looks about 18 years old yet has the wisdom of someone much more mature!  I love visiting her blog and encourage you to do so too as you will be enriched by her sense of humour, the great beauty tips she gives us, and the endearing way she has of sharing her life struggles with all of us.

And if you're visiting from Follow Friday, welcome to my blog!  I love having visitors and if you take a moment to comment, I will pop back over and visit your blog as well (although it sometimes takes me a couple of days to do so!).  

Today for my visitors, I am serving a lovely slice of "virtual" sponge cake, topped with fresh peach slices, raspberries, and whipped cream!  Hope you enjoy it!

Have a blessed weekend,




  1. Hi there,
    lovely to "meet you" - I'm popping in from Follow Friday. You have a sweet blog, and the china cup you show in your previous post is the same pattern that my mother and grandmother gave me as a dinner set for my wedding (nearly 22 years ago!)

    Cate :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, and I'll take a piece of that cake!

  3. Happy early birthday! That cake looks good!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ro!! I hope your special day is filled to overflowing with love and joy and that it is the beginning of a truly abundant year.

    (By the way, I know what you mean about Mr. Magnolia possibly forgetting your birthday. Based on what I know of my husband, I COULD have that same problem...however, I DON'T. Our birthdays are two days apart...and his comes first. So once cards begin arriving for him, he would automatically remember mine.)

    That cake looks delish!! Wish I could reach through the computer and dig in..


  5. Just found you through Java's blog hop. I'm glad I did. :-) I just became a follower and look forward to visiting your blog often.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Hi. I found you by way of hauplight. We shared her latest award. I think your blog is such a sweet blend of light humor, insightful thinking and beautiful photos. I will be following it and visiting often.

  7. Well, I hope that Mr. Ro remembers your special event all on his own. However, boys will be boys. In any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope that it is very special.

  8. Just found you and following your blog from "The Gardeners" blog hop today. I've just found someone else who loves pink roses! I'm a friend of Java's and she's been helping me promote my new Fresh Clean and Pure Fridays for all things Fresh (including FLOWERS!). I do hope you find a moment to stop by, link up, and hopefully follow along for an online blogging friendship. Roz over at La Bella Vita......PS: Happy Birthday!!!!!

  9. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday! It looks like everyone wants a piece of that yummy looking to! :-)



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