Thursday, September 23, 2010

Standing Still

Yesterday I received the sweetest note in the mail from one of my aunts.  She heard that I had been having a difficult time with my cats -- first Tiger, our shop cat was attacked by a dog earlier in the summer (she is now almost fully recovered but it has been a stressful and expensive journey) and then Kroompli, one of our house cats suddenly developed cancer and had to be put to sleep last week.   My aunt sent me a kind note to encourage me and included this beautiful poem.  I thought I would share it today with all of you.  I hope it speaks to your hearts the way it speaks to mine.  There are so many of you who are going through trials of all different sorts.  I received an email yesterday from a dear follower whose mother has alzheimer's disease.  It broke my heart to read how she is now parenting her mother, because her mother has become a child.  And I know there are many of you who are facing other difficulties.  I hope you too will have someone come alongside of you to encourage you with a little note, a sweet poem, or perhaps an unexpected hug.



If You Stand Very Still

If you stand very still in the heart of a wood
You will hear many wonderful things
The snap of a twig, the wind in the trees
and the whirr of invisible wings.

If you stand very still in the turmoil of life
and you wait for the voice from within,
You'll be led down the quiet ways of wisdom and peace
in a mad world of chaos and din.

If you stand very still and you hold to your faith
you will get all the help that you ask.
You will draw from the silence the things that you need:
hope and courage and strength for your task.

Patience Strong


  1. I'm sorry about your loss and your struggles with your sweet cats. It's so hard, I know.

  2. Lovely. Thank you for including this.

  3. I think that poem is right on target. I think that if we stop and listen to our inner voice we will find the answer for which we are looking. Of course, that poem says it with panache. It is a wonderful reminder to just STOP when you feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Our animals are like members of the family . . when one is missing, you sure know it. This poem touches my heart . . so true. Try to have good weekend. love, Sandy:O)

    p.s. give a hug to Deezer and Bella . . they sure are adorable.



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