Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mornings should happen in silence. Husbands should remain quiet, not chattering on and on about world politics, the state of the economy, or who Steve Paikin was interviewing last night on The Agenda. Coffee should magically arrive in my hand, steaming hot and robust. And slowly too ... everything should be silent and slow as I gradually emerge from the cocoon of sleep. No blaring alarm clocks, no piercing sun rays troubling my puffy eyes, and certainly no cats staring at me with owl eyes trying to telepathically communicate their urgent need for food! Mornings should be gentle, quiet and slow. In fact, the best way for mornings to arrive would be late, somewhere around 9:00ish, after I've already woken up, turned over, and created a newly-comfortable nest for a second snooze. Then I'd be ready to face the morning with a smile, and even consider a minor debate on world issues as long as it wasn't too heated, and my hand was wrapped around a coffee mug. :)


  1. OR we could somehow learn to go to bed earlier.. I have yet to test this theory...

  2. I've tested it and it doesn't work for me. I still have my deepest sleep somewhere between 5 and 7 in the morning no matter how early I go to bed. :S

  3. May i add to the perfect mornings you describe here, NO TRAFFIC. For those of us who eventually have to get in the car to drive, no one should be allowed on the streets until after we have arrived quietly and at our own speed and without obstruction or idiocy at our respective places of employment.
    No red lights, either. :)

  4. Read a brilliant quote last night:

    "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" (Oscar Wilde)

    Oddly enough, my husband did not find it nearly as amusing as I did. :D



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