Monday, April 12, 2010

Resisting the Urge to Babble

So here I am, standing at a crossroads, wondering should I or shouldn't I give in to the clearly narcissistic urge to sign up for a blog? Does anyone really want or need to hear me babble? Do I think my words will be so profound or perhaps so very humourous that they will add some unique splash of colour to the global internet mosaic? Somehow I doubt they will make much difference to anyone but myself. I could just write for myself privately, as I usually do, but perhaps the idea of scattering my words like seeds, hoping that one might find a cozy warm spot of soil on which to land, fills me with a little gladness. So I have passed the crossroads and made a decision, started down the blogging path ... and hopefully will resist the urge to randomly babble about nothing. But no guarantees, understood?

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