Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday!

It's that wonderful day of the week when our thoughts turn to the refined notion of tea parties, lovely china, and good friends to share them with!  Martha over at Martha's Favorites, Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage and Inspirations, Wanda Lee over at Plumed Pen and Lady Katherine over at Lady Katherine Tea Parlor are all hosting tea-themed memes!  What a great way to meet new people and enjoy viewing the unique tea things that each person has so thoughtfully included in their blog.

Today, I am featuring two of my favourite tea cups.  For some reason, I find myself always drawn to Aynsley china.  If there are 10 tea cups to view at a thrift shop, my eye just invariably seems to go to the one in the lot that is an Aynsley!  The two tea cups I'm showing you today are both the same Aynsley pattern, although they have different background colours, one being blue and one being pink.  Apparently there are others available too, and I would love to add to my collection some day so I have one of each background colour.

I love the fact that while there is a small landscape on the outside of the tea cup, 
the largest, most beautiful landscape is hidden inside!  

The bluebell pattern is so lovely, a landscape pattern with soft blues and rose colours, it never fails to evoke the soft cool Spring days one would find in England.   After emigrating to Canada, one of the few things my Mum missed about England was the long Spring weather.  Here in Southern Ontario, Canada, things get hot fast and from one day to the next everything changes dramatically in the Spring.  My Mum used to tell us stories of walking in a forest carpeted with bluebells and it always seemed the most magical of places we could ever imagine!

And speaking of cool Spring weather, we had a wonderful break from the hot, steamy summer weather yesterday, with the arrival of a sudden downpour.  Even the cicadas stopped their incessant buzzing while the rain poured down in sheets, drumming loudly on the porch roof while I sat serenely on our swing, so enamored with the raindrops that I found myself setting aside the book I was reading so I could enjoy the spectacle of a rainfall.  Once the rain had lessened, I snuck inside to grab my camera.


  1. Hello Ro :) These cups are just lovely :) I have just purchased 2 cups on Ebay that are both my Ansley, and CAN NOT wait till they come in the mail! They both have large pink roses :) You will surely see them in very near future Tea posts :)

    Hope you have a lovely Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. Greetings Ro....let me say what lovely tea cups! Love the other photos as well. Enjoy your Tea Tuesday.

  3. Oh, those are beautiful teacups. I am a real tree person, so I find the landscape scene totally refreshing and lovely. I hope you get the chance to obtain the other colors.

    Have a lovely day....hope Tiger's getting stronger every day.


  4. LOVE, love, love, your scenic teacups! They really are beautiful and such treasures! Thank you for sharing them with us today and I hope you're enjoying your week. Hope Tiger's enjoying these days too!


  5. Your cups and saucers and flowers with the rain drops are all so pretty.

  6. Hello Ro,
    Oh My!! I love Aynsley china also, but I have never seen this pattern...it is soooo lovely!! Is the shape of the cup called "corset"?
    We had a massive downpour yesterday, too. What part of southern Ontario are you in? I'm near Belleville (half way between Toronto and Ottawa). It is hot and humid again today! The cicadas are singing their hearts out!!
    Hugs, Laura

  7. I always enjoy a visit to your blog, especially when you're hosting a tea party. Love that blue cup. Those colors are so soothing.

  8. Beautiful post, Ro. I love that the teacups have landscapes. Your garden is lovely! Send the rain down here!

  9. Things are always so peaceful here. Tea and flowers. Makes me sleepy.

  10. Luv you teacups, the landscape design and the colors. Thanks for visiting my blog...I think the name mon petit macaron is a perfect name for a kitty cat!

  11. Our local botantical gardens here had a bluebell festival with about an acre of land covered in bluebells. Fortunately we had nothing to do and decided to go see the bluebells and when we walked up into the area a silence came over us all it was so spectacular - it was almost a like having religious experience. I envy your mother being able to walk through them - something we certainly weren't allowed to do. Anyway...

    I never knew those tea cups painted inside and out are called Aynsley - but I've seen and admired them. Yours are lovely. Thanks for showing them off today for us all - another treat. Happy Tuesday for us all!


  12. Hi: I am a day late to TT. I am so glad I stopped by your blog. Your tea cups are amazing. I love them both. I can see why you want all the colors, so do I. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  13. Your teacups are beautiful. I would want to add the other colors to the pink and blue also -they are such a pretty pattern. Your garden and flower photos are very nice.

  14. Hello Ro- Sorry I missed this last week, I was on a bit of a break to handle the craziness going on over here. Your teacups are lovely and the story about the forest with bluebells is very enchanting as is the photo of your walk way. The sound of rain is so distracting and soothing. Kisses for Tiger, take care.

  15. Lovely blog and posts! Thanks for sharing!



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