Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still/Be Still My Soul

Through my newest follower, Pam over at Live Laugh Love with The Pondering Princess, I discovered a new Saturday blog hop - one that I was so blessed to discover.  What a great way to share music that is particularly meaningful to us!

The challenge of the blog hop hosted by Signs Miracles and Wonders is to post a song that has encouraged your heart.

This particular song (or should I say medley) is one that I came across about a year ago.  I was in the middle of leading a Ladies Bible Study on worship and the particular chapter we were studying was based on Psalm 46:10 - "Be still and know that I am God."  - I've found this to be a difficult thing to do at times.  My heart wants to keep striving, struggling, worrying, working, testing, proving, fighting, attaining, competing, grasping, forging, pushing, moving - all action words.  But to be still and rest in the knowledge of who God is?  Oh, so very difficult at times.  But the peace that comes from resting in His strength, and letting Him do the work is incomparable.   I picture myself leaning back with utter trust in the strong arms of my Heavenly Father, believing He will hold me, guide me, and sustain me.

This song is a reminder of all of that - and a reminder that I frequently need!  Hope it encourages your heart today.

Blessings,  Ro


  1. I'm so glad you joined along.
    I just love resting in the Lord as I meditate on worshiping Him through song.

  2. I've so enjoyed this linky party! It's been great going to each blog and listening to the wonderful music ~ and such diversity!

  3. We have so many things blocked on our computer, so I'm guessing that's why a major part of your post is just blank white. The link to this song must be at the bottom of the post, and that isn't showing up for me.

    But I will send a hearty AMEN to what you said. I think you know, we had an adoption fall through in April, and although we hurt, God's grace and peace has sustained us. Truly, when we stop striving and just allow His peace to saturate us, He's there for us.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  4. this is a beautiful song. the words are so meaningful. love the background music..thanks Rose

  5. Thanks for joining with us on Boost My Blog Friday! You Rock!! Plus i am naturally following you back;) Hope to see you next Friday too and if you need any blog help or easy HTML tips, I just got some new ones up today;) Happy Monday!!

  6. the words and music are indeed enchanting and so are the photos in the background - take care, Judith



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