Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Donkey Sanctuary

Today I visited The Donkey Sanctuary for the first time, something I've been wanting to do for a few years now. It has been an unseasonably hot day so it was a bit uncomfortable unless you were right in the shade, but other than that, it was a beautiful day to visit as there were hardly any people there and everything is so lush and green right now.

If you're interested in more information, you can find their website here:  The Donkey Sanctuary. It is really quite heart-warming to see how this organization is helping to rescue unwanted and abused donkeys and give them a wonderful home. Right now they have around 100 donkeys, 60 of them on the sanctuary property and 40 of them fostered out. The property itself is absolutely beautiful and I definitely want to go back when it's not such a hot day to explore the hiking trails and the duck ponds.

But for now, here are some shots of our day:

The sanctuary is a lovely 100 acre farm situated in Puslinch, Ontario.

The philosophy of the sanctuary is to allow the donkeys to live as naturally as can be. Unless an animal needs special attention, they are left in a herd to come and go in and out of the barn as they wish. This picture shows an area of the barn where around 25 of the donkeys were standing in the shade.

The Gandhi quote in the background reads: "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated."

Drowsy in the shade.

It was fun to play with their huge ears, especially on this donkey since she loved having her ears scratched.  However it was horrible to see some of the donkeys were missing ears they had lost to frostbite when they were neglected by previous owners. 

Apparently donkeys form an egalitarian herd without the pecking order that horses have.  However, they do tend to seek out one particular friend that they become closer to and those two will spend time grooming each other and generally looking out for each other.

A strange "wooly donkey" has snuck in the barn to have some hay!   I particular liked the sign in the background which reads "Please do not feed fingers to the donkeys."


  1. I learned something new today. That is sad about the missing ears. How, it is cool how that they tend to choose special friends to bond with and take care of each other.

  2. i live vicariously, Helen - something new. Bless the donkeys :)

  3. Robin, it was great to have the founder of the sanctuary there to explain some of this stuff to us because all I knew before going there today was that donkeys were cute! (and of course, Eeyore has been my primary source of donkey knowledge up to now!) :)

    Grace, I kept thinking today how much you would have enjoyed this place. Wish I could have whisked you there through time/space so we could have enjoyed it together! :)

  4. I too did not know they could loose their ears, donkey ears are like furry arum lilies. And I simply cannot imagine the sort of person who would abuse a donkey, it's one of those unthinkable things. Thank goodness there are people out there who care for them.

  5. Awwww what a great place to visit!! Happy donkeys they must be now! You told me some things I didn't know...thank you! I love animals of all kinds and would rescue them all if I could!!

  6. What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing it. If only there was a donkey sanctuary in Greece. In fact, here, donkeys are becoming all the more extinct. I agree with Ghandi's quuote. Beautifully written. I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  7. Purple Cow, one of my favourite memories of Greece was waking up in the morning to the sound of a donkey's hooves as it went by my bedroom window on its way out to the pasture in the morning. The first day I couldn't figure out what the noise was, so I jumped out of bed and looked down and it was so great to spot this little old man leading his donkey along the walkway.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog!! Hope you come back often. Lovely place you have! I watch alot of the Dog Whisperer also (3 furkids for me). I do live in the moment & have for many years now, but it is good advice. If you read thru my blog you will find out alot about me, my upbringing, the demons, etc. Also my Journey & the peace I now have. I am thinking I am just gonna let the rest lie. I really don't need some new drama to deal with after finding such a place of contentment, peace, joy, & acceptance.

    Please come back often. Love making new online friends.

    ~~blessed be...

  9. Hey Oklahoma Girl! Thanks for visiting here too. I definitely will visit your blog often. I'm so glad you're in a place of contentment - amazing place to be! I bet those 3 furkids have a part in helping you achieve that. :)



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