Friday, May 28, 2010

Objet trouve: a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value (noun, etymology French).

I need some advice!  Today I discovered two "found objects" and I'm not quite sure what to do with them.

The first one is a "volunteer" plant:

It just appeared in the bottom of this unused planter.  I hate to throw it away because I suspect it's not a weed, but I have no idea what it is!

Here's a close up:

I'm thinking that it might be a watermelon, a zucchini, or a cucumber.  Any thoughts?

My next item is totally different.  Occasionally people drop off scrap metal at my husband's shop because they know he takes regular trips in to the scrap yard.  If I have time, I like to poke through the piles because I never know what interesting things I might find.  I discovered this really cool item a few months ago but I haven't decided what to do with it.  I'd like to use it in my garden somehow but I'm not sure where or how.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

It's about one foot in length and is quite heavy metal.  I love the look of it, it sort of reminds me of a violin or treble clef.

So all input, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

And finally, I "found" this item 

Over at my friend Java's awesome blog "Never Growing Old".  If you want to participate (and you're lucky enough to be over 40) head on over and check it out!


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
    Are those your lilac gardens in your picture?? So jealous!

    I like your planter - not sure of the plant. I'll have to look it up.

    I love the metal scroll. I envy you looking through a pile of scrap metal - my kind of stuff. I would totally use that in my house just as an art piece on the wall.

    Fun blog - can't wait to read more!
    See ya later,

  2. Ooooh, fun!! My guess is with yours, Helen the plant looks like some kind of cucumber/melon. :) So cute :)

    LOVE the iron scroll!!! i would have it on my living room or bedroom wall.
    In the garden? On the wall of a rustic pot shed - be nice to have a hoop at the bottom for a little flower pot. i know in your possession, it will end up with a fabulous home!

  3. The last item is the only one I really feel confident about making a suggestion for: put it in your sidebar. I like the ironwork piece, but I sure don't know what to do with it. Are you thinking inside or out? And I am terrible with plants!

  4. Awwww thanks for putting this on your blog! You are so sweet!

    I'm adding you to my blogroll so hopefully you'll get some new followers!!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for your friendship!!

  5. Hi, just found you through the 40+ Friday Follow, Nice to meet you, hope you'll follow me too :)

  6. Thank you for stopping by Lemons to Lemonade and becoming a follower. I am now following you and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I love your reading spot!

  7. Dropping by from the Follow Friday 40 and Over. Will be a new follower. :-)

    I LOVE when I find surprises such as your volunteer plant. I'm SET with lettuce and tomato plants this year because I found them just as you found your little one there. I cannot say that I'm sure what it is, though... Hope it's something good!

  8. Laura Lynn, I must confess those are not my lilacs. We live quite close to Niagara Falls, Ontario and those are in one of the parks along the Niagara River on the Canadian side. I took that picture one day when we had taken my parents for a Sunday afternoon drive.

    Grace, I love the idea of putting a little flower pot hanging from that scroll, I shall have to think about that idea a little more and will post a photo of wherever it ends up.

    Menopausal New Mom, if your name accurately describes you, I feel for you sister!!! I shall definitely check out your blog, and welcome to mine. :)

    NorCalMom, I loved what I saw of your blog and look forward to getting to know you better.

    Dawna, I just checked out your blog and left you a note there. Thanks for following! :)

    Robin, I have to figure out how to put that in my sidebar - I'll work on that later today. Thanks and hope you are still enjoying your vacation. :)

  9. i was going to suggest the same as Grace.. using it to hang a planter on. it's gorgeous!

    I'm guessing zucchini too.. mine are seeded, but not coming up yet. are you going to plant it somewhere? whatever it is.. it is definitely from either the squash or melon family.. so you can expect it to grow LARGE. :)

  10. Yup, I'm definitely transplanting it into my garden out of extreme curiosity as to what it will turn out to be! And I'm going to hill it up as if it was a melon or zucchini --- but, my dear husband had a brain wave this afternoon and wonders if maybe it's a sunflower since it was quite close to the bird feeder. That would be cool too! :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my 40s post. I am returning the follow and look forward to reading yours and btw, your comment made me laugh (and respect too since you are my elder)




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