Monday, May 17, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Don't you love that feeling of energy and "rightness" when you wake up one morning after being ill for a few days and finally feel like yourself?

(almost as much as you "love" ridiculous alliterative post titles?)

Oh, this morning was a wonderful morning!  My fever broke in the night and I woke feeling refreshed and renewed and basically like a million bucks!

So, in honour of this morning, and in the hopes that I won't take stuff (like my general good health) for granted in the future, I've decided to start a new tradition - "Marvelous Monday!" - in which I will commit to blogging every Monday about things for which I am thankful.  Usually I have a tendency to complain about Mondays and everything associated with them, so I might need you to keep me on track with this, but I do think I have a better chance of keeping this resolution than I do some of the others that ran through my deliriously-happy mind this morning.

(like that whole "I resolve to be a better housekeeper" thing which was pretty much doomed right from the get-go!)

So today I am feeling the marvelousness of this Monday and here is what I am thankful for today:  our vacant lot!  Yes, it is for sale, and yes, no one seems to be buying it BUT instead of complaining about this seeming inability of ours to turn this frozen asset into some cookin' hot cash, I am going to be thankful for it!  And seriously, I AM thankful for it because it is the most peaceful little spot you can imagine.

Every morning I walk my dogs over to our shop and visit our vacant lot that lies adjacent to our shop property.  It is surrounded with tall trees.  It has a shady little glen in the centre.

(that used to be the location of a broken-down street car inhabited by gypsies and other assorted alcoholic vagrants who accidentally burnt it down decades ago, but I digress.)  

It is beside our shop property on the east, and on the west and north it is embraced by a 40 acre stretch of nothingness (technically not nothingness, but rather a farm that is partially over-grown shrub land) with a gigantic pond in the centre of it, surrounded by more trees.  The point of all of this description is that I have discovered that our vacant lot is the ideal location for remarkable birds.  I think it's partially because of its close proximity to our neighbour's pond, and partially because of the beautiful trees, and partially because of the shrub land.  But probably, it is mostly because there are no residences near by.

This morning I discovered a cheerful little warbler there!  Here he is:

Well, he is there SOMEWHERE, sort of in a "Where's Waldo" kinda way!

Let's try again:

Oh wait, that's where he WAS -- two seconds before I snapped his photo! Cheeky little bird!

But seriously ....

There! Isn't he marvelous???  And I don't mean "mahvelous" in THIS SNL kind of way either!

Apparently he is a Blackburnian Warbler, and yes, I did have to haul out my Peterson's phone my Mum to identify him.

So on this inaugural "Marvelous Monday,"  I am thankful for our unsold vacant lot and for all the beautiful birds I spot there.  And for feeling 100% better now that I am finally over the flu!


  1. Hello Ro, and thanks for stopping by. LOVED your idea about where the lemons really went, so much more satisfying than what I thought happened to them, much rage reduding too.
    I love that you called your mum to help id the bird, it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do.
    "Mum will know, and if she doesn't it's not worth knowing".

  2. Well Ms. B.M. (oh, that doesn't look so good in short form, now does it?)

    Truthfully it's all a bit of laziness on my part - why look up a reference book when you short-cut and call your mum instead? ;)



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