Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Award!

I got my first blog award today!!

Thank-you Java over at Never Growing Old for making me feel extra special today.  :)

In order to receive the award, first I must list ten things that I love:

1.  God - cuz, um, well He made me and saved me and loves me, etc.

2.  My husband - I really do think my husband is the most amazing man in the world! I suppose there are some of you who might think your own husband should hold that title, but I can't really begin to think how your husband could be any nicer, kinder, sweeter or loving than my own.

4.  My family.

4.  My pets. I could list them all individually, but then they'd end up hogging practically the whole list.  So they're going in once but please consider all of them included.

5.  Sunshine.

6.  Flowers.

7.  Fresh fruit and veggies.

8.  Cooking/Baking

9.  Songbirds.

10.  My church family.

Now I'm supposed to choose ten blogs that I love and pass this award along to them. The problem being that I will have a very hard time narrowing it down to ten. So if I don't include you, I will try to catch you next time (if I ever get an award again that is!)  And I didn't include Robin over at Your Daily Dose since Java already gave her this award today.

Ten Blogs I Love:

1.  Two Knit Monkeys because seriously, what could be cuter than knit monkeys and the antics they get up to?  You really need to check out Guillermo and Bernardo over there.  I can guarantee they will make you smile!

2.  Killing a Fly with a Ukulele is probably the Wrong Thing to Do - Okay, so Givinya de Elba has the longest blog title ever - but she is so funny, I love to read her posts. Also I'm dying to see how her sister is going to retaliate for the witty little poems "honouring" her that Givinya has recently posted.

3.  Dancing Mouse for several reasons. First of all, Mrs. Brown Mouse has the cutest cats in the world (with the possible exception of my own). Secondly, Mrs. Brown Mouse manages to write interesting posts about the most trivial of items, always reminding me that humour can be found all around us. And Thirdly, because  Mrs. Brown Mouse when short-formed is Mrs. B.M. and really, I think she deserves an award just for putting up with that sad fact.

4.  Our New Life in the Country because I love following the adventures of this family and their animals, and especially the photos that Sue regularly posts.

5.  Australian in Athens because I first fell in love with this blogger's name "The Purple Cow" which caught my attention, and since then have learned to love her blog a little bit more each day. I love that I never know what Purple Cow is going to post next. Will she write about politics? Will she discuss the economy? Or perhaps she will give us a little glimpse into her family life? Or maybe her workplace? Each post is different but ever so thoughtful, and intriguing. And beneath all the words, I suspect there is a woman who would probably become one of my best friends if she happened to live just a wee bit closer.

6.  Teeny Tiny Hopkins because little Lucy is the sweetest child imaginable and you only have to pop over to that blog to see what I mean, and you will instantly fall in love with her yourself.

7.  An Enchanted Cottage because I'm pretty well convinced that I want to move into her garden shed so I can enjoy the birds and chipmunks and flowers that all seem to gather so beautifully in the yard of her cottage. It really does look like an enchanted cottage!

8.  Farmgirl Fare because I love the combination of phenomenal recipes and incredible farm-life photography and narrative that Farmgirl so creatively presents in each of her blogs.

9.  Amos the Lion Heart because she really does have the heart of a lion, as courageous and fearless as you can imagine! And also because she is one of my few friends in blog-land who was first a friend in real life and  one of the best friends a girl could ever find!

10.  Cherry Hill Cottage because, yes, as you have probably realized by now, I'm a bit of a sucker for any blog with the word "cottage" in the name, but also because Tina always posts the most beautiful photos and her blog is so colourful. I love to visit it just to see what new picture she will have for us and for inspiration for my own home.


  1. I'm honored to give you your first one!
    Well deserved I'd say!!!

    Congrats to you and I'm sure this is the first of many more!!

  2. You were very thoughtful in your awards. That was a lovely kindness. I hope that each of your recipients appreciates it! I tagged you with a video on HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. It is meant to make you laugh, so I hope that it does:-)

  3. Congratulations on your award! I loved your pictures and yesterday's sunset was fabulous. I came over via Robin at Your Daily Dose.

  4. LOL! I just realized I have two #4's in my "Things I Love" list. The funniest part of that is the reason I made the mistake. I originally had my pets as #3 and then my family as #4 and I decided that on the rare chance that one of my family members should read this, I better reverse them. :D

  5. Thank you, and a question, Does Mrs BM mean something a poor daft wee mouse doesn't know about?

  6. Poor daft wee mouse ... in Canadian terms a BM is a bowel movement. So I shall try not to short-form your name in the future. :D

    (I know, I know ... toilet humour is terribly juvenile. Just blame it on my husband's influence.)

  7. Congratulations to you!!!! Being recognized by fellow bloggers is just the best :)

    Thanks for the list of blogs for me to check out too!

  8. Congrats on your award! Thanks so much for your comment on mine, and becoming a new follower. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that chair you picked up! ~Lili

  9. o my, ick, but I can see the humour (i've the spirit of an 8-year-old boy afterall)

  10. Thanks Ro! i am ever so humbled!!! thank you!!!

    i love your blog too!!! :)

  11. Thank you so much for your humbling words. I, too, feel that we could easily become friends. I enjoy your posts immensely and feel enriched by your world view and way of looking at life.



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