Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Home Nest

Our home is a haven for birds. We have only a few acres, but on that land we have over 100 fruit trees, many raspberry and currant bushes, a small creek surrounded by tall trees, and a very long hedgerow all of which provide food and shelter to bird life galore! So when I came out of our house this morning and spotted these two doves, I thought they were pretty sitting there on our old plough, but they were not an uncommon sight.

And we do get to see lots of birds nests, like the ones I blogged about here and there but usually it's only the common birds that we get to see in their nests, like sparrows and robins and doves.

So I was particularly happy to spot two different birds nesting this week - birds I see regularly flitting around our farm, but rarely have seen on their nest.

Can you see what's peeking out of this tree?

It may just look like a thorn, but it's really this flicker, peeking out to see if it's safe to leave her little ones.

Flickers are a type of woodpecker, which you can easily assume from the skillful manner in which they bore a perfect hole for their nest. Now that I know where they're nesting, I'll keep checking back, hoping to spot the little fledglings when they emerge to try out their wings.

And yesterday, I found this oriole nest, which was really exciting since the oriole builds such an elaborate hanging nest. You can just see the bright yellow female there in the leaves, about to bring her little ones some food.

We have a nest of our own, of course. Here's a picture of the front of our house with one of my favourite roses which is currently in bloom.

And a picture of my favourite garden sign that I found several years ago and hung on one of our arbours. It was just plain metal when I hung it, but now it has the most lovely patina of rust.

Every time I walk through that arbour to our side door, I am reminded of the sense of belonging and security that are associated with the word "Home." If birds could speak our language, I think they'd feel the same way about the word "Nest" - a safe place, a haven, a protected environment where all things, especially love, can grow.


  1. Lovely pictures. We have a wren nesting for the second time this year on our front porch...and your roses? Lovely.

  2. It would seem that your house is providing homes to several families right now. It will be exciting to see the babies!

  3. How beautiful! I love roses and birds! Great combination, wouldn't you say? Your pictures and your home are beautiful. Thanks for having us over for a lovely garden stroll! May the Lord bless you. Gloria

  4. Wow... those nests are awesome! We had a bird building a nest on our property, in our oven air vent to be exact... I had to tape it up because we just couldn't have birds nesting in our ducts.

    Where in Ontario are you? Your property sounds amazing.

  5. Nice post and great bird shots. I also love the rose in front of your lovely home.

    Thank you for visiting me and becoming a follower.


  6. Last night i dreamed about an oriole coming to visit me :)

  7. You have such a lovely way of expressing your thoughts. I especially loved the sentiment comparing the security of our home to how the birds may translate it to their nest. Very nice images too! ~Lili

  8. Hello, What beautiful bird photos ( I am partial to doves I love their cry).I have never seen an oriels nest, it is amazing, thanks for sharing! The rose on your sidewalk is beautiful!

  9. Love the bird photos! I love listening to the doves. The roses are lovely too. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post.




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