Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I Like About You ....

Finding my way around the blogging community has proven to be an absolute joy.   This morning I decided I would like to start a new blogging tradition, a regular "What I Like about You" post that highlights one particular blog that I have really come to enjoy.

Today's featured blog is:  Farmgirl Fare

What I like about Susan's blog is pretty much everything!  A baker turned farmer, Susan dishes up wonderful recipes, incredible photos, and little glimpses of her life on the farm.

Yesterday, I baked up one of her recipes, an Orange Yogurt Loaf that Susan recommended as a great accompaniment for fresh strawberries.

Here's a picture of my finished product:

It turned out to be an absolutely delicious, moist loaf that was just bursting with orange flavour!  And it did indeed taste wonderful with fresh strawberries.

If you like to bake and try new recipes, or if you just want a regular "dose of cute" in photo form, you really should go over and check out Susan's blog.  You will not be able to resist the sweet little lambs, gorgeous white fluffy Pyranees dog, or the unique faces of her many donkeys.


  1. Ohhhhh that does look delicious!!!
    Thank you for the sweet made me blush!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Yes, that looks delicious - the picture and her blog.

  3. Hi: Welcome to blogland and I am so happy you found my post. I am looking forward to seeing your tea cups on Tuesday. You will find the nicest ladies in the world in blog land. Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I look forward to getting to know you. Blessings, Martha

  4. Nice idea. Thanks for the link and boy does that cake look beautiful...and tasty!

  5. Oh Yum, that looks delicious! I just had to check out Susan's dog when you mentioned she had a Great Pyranees, how sweet Daisy is! Oh, and to answer your question about my Simon, he's a Blue Crowned Amazon and he's been with me since 1976! ~Lili

  6. Well, aren't you sweet. Thank you! Your cake looks fantastic. I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe. :)



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