Monday, June 7, 2010

Marvelous Monday - Expect the Unexpected!

It's Marvelous Monday once again -

and today I am thankful for unexpected treasures...

For wild roses, planted by the birds and tended by nature...

....for daisies that spread with wild abandon by the side of the road...

...and for dragonflies with fairy wings.

For unusual garden sculptures deliberately placed to catch your eye...

...and incidental farm sculpture oblivious to its own beauty.

For Sunday drives with stunning views...

...that lead to unexpected roadside stands...

and spontaneous strawberry socials!

And when we return home, for cold wet noses...

and waggly tails...

and cedar wax wings whistling in the Saskatoon Berry trees.


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  3. Yep, I know all about those cold wet noses and waggly tails. Everything else was new and exciting. How was that strawberry thing? It looked delicious!

  4. The strawberries look like heaven!

  5. I love finding roadside stands too Jamie! Usually the most interesting people have them and love to talk about what they're doing. And there's just nothing like fresh local produce. :)

    And yes, Robin and Liza, the strawberries were HEAVEN! So delicious with whipped cream. And I figure all the goodness of the fruit must make up, at least in part, for the cholesterol and sugar!

  6. Oh your doggies are so sweet! Ooooh and I would love a spontaneous strawberry social. I love how you appreciate nature's beauty and bounty. ~Lili

  7. I am running a little late for the 40 and over Friday Follow but better late than never right. I am now following you and hope you will come see me at

  8. I planted strawberries last fall and my son thought they were weeds and weed whacked all of them down last week. oh no. well maybe they will come up next year.

  9. geeze Ro, sorry for the triple postings. Blogger was telling me it couldn't process my post. lol looks silly. you can delete two of those comments. Your choice as to which ones ;-)

  10. Pollyanna, I love you! Keep finding beautiful things. Your Marvelous Mondays are a little like a prayer of gratitude. I was just joking on my post...truth is, there are so many things to be grateful for. I think I'll give it another try next Monday...

  11. Welcome Traci, I'll check out your blog when I have a moment. Look forward to getting to know you!

    And BPB, how sad that your son mistook the strawberry plants for weeds! Hope they make a comeback!

    Jamie, no problem on the triple posting - I had the exact same problems with blogger yesterday when I was trying to comment on peoples' blogs. Ended up with numerous duplicate posts! And I tried to delete your extras earlier and it wouldn't let me. I'll try again.

    And thanks PC. I love that description "a prayer of gratitude" - they are for me an antidote for my tendency towards Monday morning grumpiness and cynicism. :)



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